Package com.healthmarketscience.jackcess

Interface Summary
Column Access database column definition.
Cursor Manages iteration for a Table.
Cursor.Id Identifier for a cursor.
Cursor.Position Value object which maintains the current position of the cursor.
Cursor.Savepoint Value object which represents a complete save state of the cursor.
Database An Access database instance.
Index Access database index definition.
Index.Column Information about a Column in an Index
IndexCursor Cursor backed by an Index with extended traversal options.
PropertyMap Map of properties for a database object.
PropertyMap.Property Info about a property defined in a PropertyMap.
Relationship Information about a relationship between two tables in the Database.
Row A row of data as column name->value pairs.
RowId Uniquely identifies a row of data within the access database.
Table A single database table.
TableMetaData Basic metadata about a single database Table.

Class Summary
ColumnBuilder Builder style class for constructing a Column.
CursorBuilder Builder style class for constructing a Cursor.
DatabaseBuilder Builder style class for opening/creating a Database.
IndexBuilder Builder style class for constructing an Index.
IndexBuilder.Column Information about a column in this index (name and ordering).
RelationshipBuilder Builder style class for constructing a Relationship, and, optionally, the associated backing foreign key (if referential integrity enforcement is enabled).
TableBuilder Builder style class for constructing a Table.

Enum Summary
Database.FileFormat Enum which indicates which version of Access created the database.
DataType Supported access data types.
Table.ColumnOrder enum which controls the ordering of the columns in a table.

Exception Summary
BatchUpdateException JackcessException which is thrown from multi-add-row Table methods which indicates how many rows were successfully written before the underlying failure was encountered.
ConstraintViolationException JackcessException which indicates that the failure was caused by a database constraint violation.
JackcessException Base class for specific exceptions thrown by Jackcess.
RuntimeIOException RuntimeException wrapper around an IOException

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