Package com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.impl

Interface Summary
CodecHandler Interface for a handler which can encode/decode a specific access page encoding.
CodecProvider Interface for a provider which can generate CodecHandlers for various types of database encodings.
PageTypes Codes for page types

Class Summary
ByteArrayBuilder Utility class for constructing byte[]s where the final size of the data is not known beforehand.
ByteUtil Byte manipulation and display utilities
ByteUtil.ByteStream Utility byte stream similar to ByteArrayOutputStream but with extended accessibility to the bytes.
ColumnImpl Access database column definition
ColumnImpl.SortOrder Information about the sort order (collation) for a textual column.
ComplexColumnSupport Utility code for loading complex columns.
CompoundOleUtil Utility code for working with OLE data which is in the compound storage format.
CursorImpl Manages iteration for a Table.
CustomToStringStyle Custom ToStringStyle for use with ToStringBuilder.
DatabaseImpl.FileFormatDetails Internal details for each FileForrmat
DefaultCodecProvider Default implementation of CodecProvider which does not have any actual encoding/decoding support.
DefaultCodecProvider.DummyHandler CodecHandler implementation which does nothing, useful for databases with no extra encoding.
DefaultCodecProvider.UnsupportedHandler CodecHandler implementation which always throws UnsupportedCodecException, useful for databases with unsupported encodings.
GeneralIndexCodes Various constants used for creating "general" (access 2010+) sort order text index entries.
GeneralLegacyIndexCodes Various constants used for creating "general legacy" (access 2000-2007) sort order text index entries.
IndexCodes Various constants used for creating index entries.
IndexCursorImpl Cursor backed by an index with extended traversal options.
IndexData Access table index data.
IndexData.ColumnDescriptor Information about the columns in an index.
IndexData.Entry A single leaf entry in an index (points to a single row)
IndexData.PendingChange Utility class which maintains information about a pending index update.
IndexImpl Access table (logical) index.
IndexImpl.ForeignKeyReference Information about a foreign key reference defined in an index (when referential integrity should be enforced).
IndexPageCache Manager of the index pages for a IndexData.
JetFormat Encapsulates constants describing a specific version of the Access Jet format
NullMask Bitmask that indicates whether or not each column in a row is null.
OleUtil Utility code for working with OLE data.
PageChannel Reads and writes individual pages in a database file
PropertyMapImpl Map of properties for a database object.
PropertyMaps Collection of PropertyMap instances read from a single property data block.
RelationshipCreator Helper class used to maintain state during relationship creation.
RelationshipImpl Information about a relationship between two tables in the database.
RowIdImpl Uniquely identifies a row of data within the access database.
RowImpl A row of data as column->value pairs.
TableCreator Helper class used to maintain state during table creation.
TableImpl A single database table
TableMutator Common helper class used to maintain state during table mutation.
TableScanCursor Simple un-indexed cursor.
TableUpdater Helper class used to maintain state during table mutation.
TempBufferHolder Manages a reference to a ByteBuffer.
TempPageHolder Manages a reference to a page buffer.
UsageMap Describes which database pages a particular table uses

Enum Summary
IndexData.EntryType type attributes for Entries which simplify comparisons
RowIdImpl.Type type attributes for RowIds which simplify comparisons
TempBufferHolder.Type The caching type for the buffer holder.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedCodecException Exception thrown by a CodecHandler to indicate that the current encoding is not supported.

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