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Methods in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.impl that return DatabaseImpl
static DatabaseImpl DatabaseImpl.create(Database.FileFormat fileFormat, File mdbFile, FileChannel channel, boolean autoSync, Charset charset, TimeZone timeZone)
          Create a new Database for the given fileFormat
 DatabaseImpl TableImpl.getDatabase()
 DatabaseImpl ColumnImpl.getDatabase()
 DatabaseImpl UsageMap.getDatabase()
static DatabaseImpl mdbFile, boolean readOnly, FileChannel channel, boolean autoSync, Charset charset, TimeZone timeZone, CodecProvider provider)
          Open an existing Database.

Methods in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.impl with parameters of type DatabaseImpl
 void PageChannel.initialize(DatabaseImpl database, CodecProvider codecProvider)
          Does second-stage initialization, must be called after construction.
static UsageMap database, ByteBuffer buf)
static String ByteUtil.toHexString(DatabaseImpl db, int pageNumber, int size)
          Convert the given number of bytes from the given database page to a hexidecimal string for display.

Constructors in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.impl with parameters of type DatabaseImpl
RelationshipCreator(DatabaseImpl database)
TableCreator(DatabaseImpl database)

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