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Uses of Table.RowState in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess

Methods in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess that return Table.RowState
 Table.RowState Table.createRowState()

Methods in com.healthmarketscience.jackcess with parameters of type Table.RowState
 void Table.deleteRow(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId)
          Delete the row on which the given rowState is currently positioned.
 Map<String,Object> Table.getRow(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId, Collection<String> columnNames)
          Reads some columns from the given row.
 Object Table.getRowValue(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId, Column column)
          Reads a single column from the given row.
 Object DebugErrorHandler.handleRowError(Column column, byte[] columnData, Table.RowState rowState, Exception error)
 Object ReplacementErrorHandler.handleRowError(Column column, byte[] columnData, Table.RowState rowState, Exception error)
 Object ErrorHandler.handleRowError(Column column, byte[] columnData, Table.RowState rowState, Exception error)
          Handles an error encountered while reading a column of data from a Table row.
static ByteBuffer Table.positionAtRowData(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId)
          Sets the position and limit in a new buffer using the given rowState according to the given row number and row end, following overflow row pointers as necessary.
static ByteBuffer Table.positionAtRowHeader(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId)
          Sets a new buffer to the correct row header page using the given rowState according to the given rowId.
 void Table.updateRow(Table.RowState rowState, RowId rowId, Object... row)
          Update the row on which the given rowState is currently positioned.

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